Ihar Hrachyshka

Open Source Software Engineer in Networking

My journey with open source started a long time ago, by chance, when I picked up a book on Linux from a local book fair. The book included 2-disc rip-off edition of Red Hat Linux 7.3. The system was unstable by today’s standards, but I never looked back. Since 2013, I work for Red Hat, and it’s been an interesting and fulfilling ride. :)

Through my open source “career”, I contributed to a number of proprietary and open source projects in different capacities: first as a translator, then as a packager and a quality engineer, then as a developer, then as a core team member for OpenStack Neutron and elsewhere.

Projects that I had a chance to meaningfully contribute in some capacity:

Last but not least:

These days, I’m interested in distributed systems, network architectures and protocols.

I live near the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC. I lived in different countries and cultures (Belarus, Czech Republic, USA - California and now North Carolina), and I find their peculiarities and quirks amusing to explore.

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